Store Leader

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COMPANY: Alis Investment, LLC.




DEPENDENCIES TO YOUR CHARGE: Cashier – customer service


Plan, direct and control the operational and service functions of the store, in order to guarantee high levels of performance, within the criteria of profitability and efficiency established by the General Management, as well as propitiate and maintain a harmonious working environment in agreement with The mission and policies of the company. Provide support in the sales area, and execute the merchandising tasks in order to guarantee an exhibition of products, quality attention and participate in the achievement of the desired sales levels, complying with the rules and procedures established by the company.


  • Provide an excellent service to customers.
  • Perform and ensure the assortment and organization of merchandise, shelves and displays, classifying, identifying and displaying products to ensure their correct and fast location and stimulate sales of stores.
  • Ensure the transparency and efficiency of the management of the staff in charge.
  • Direct and control the operations of the store in order to meet the needs of customers and achieve the levels of sales and operating profitability established by the General Management.
  • Support the activities of the store in order to ensure the continuity of operations.


  • Attend, guide and help the customer in the correct selection of products required, identifying their needs and detecting opportunities for improvement for the store.
  • To know widely the assortment of merchandise and services.
  • Identify, lead, evaluate and develop the Human Resource of the store in order to have the necessary equipment to achieve the results and the maximum level of performance.
  • Perform and Guarantee the operations of the store. Billing, Receipt of merchandise, returns, dispatches of merchandise, assortment, price labeling, exhibitions. Etc.) and its correct execution in the operating systems of the company according to the established rules and procedures.
  • Participate in the opening and closing of the store
  • Ensure compliance with the procedures and standards of Store Security.
  • Execute the established mechanisms, actions and procedures in order to contribute to the prevention of accidents, loss of assets and merchandise.
  • It participates in the process of induction to the personnel and coordinate the activities of training of the employees of the store in order to train and develop the personnel for the optimal performance of their functions.
  • Process and ensure the correct labeling of prices on store shelves.
  • Direct and ensure the perfect condition of merchandising and store displays.
  • Ensure compliance with the inventory plan, delivery of results.
  • Guarantee the adequate entrance of materials to the store complying with the procedure of codification, check and receipt of product.
  • Ensure adequate delivery of daily cashier closing and coordinate deposit flow activities, in accordance with the standards established by the General Management.
  • Ensure compliance with the rules and procedures established by the company.

Profile of the candidate:


Technical in Administration mention marketing, Marketing Student.

Skills and Experiences:

·         Leadership skills

·         Skills with the management of attention to the customers

·         Sales Skills

·         Marketing Skills

·         English and Italian language proficiency

·         Experience in self-service stores.

Please send your resume to Vincenzo Gugliotta:

(This offer is intended for candidates with legal permit to work in the USA)